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Double Heart
Double heartDouble heart tribute 2ft wide by 15" high, edged with ribbon, based in white with a..
Heart Tribute With Pink Spray
Heart tribute with a pink sprayA heart shape design with a white base of Chrysanthemu..
Heart Tribute with Red Roses
Heart tribute with Red RosesA heart shape design covered in red Roses with a foliage edge...
Heart Tribute With White Spray
Heart tribute with a white sprayA heart shape design with a white base of Chrysa..
Open Heart Pink Tribute
A heart shape design with clusters of different flowers and foliage, in a selection of pink flowers ..
Open Heart Vegetable Tribute
Open Heart Vegetable tribute 15 inches A heart shape design with clusters of different flowers ..
Mixed Flower Cushion
A cushion shape design with mixed flowers, foliage and a ribbon edge. (Different colours are availab..
Pillow Tribute With a Red Spray
Pillow tribute with a red sprayA pillow shape design with a white..
Freesia Based Cross
Freesia Based CrossCross shaped funeral tribute with a foliage edge, based with white Chrysanthemum&..
Hydrangea Cross
Hydrangea CrossCross shaped funeral tribute based with Hydrangea heads and a spray of mixed flowers ..
Mixed Flower Cross
Mixed flower cross A selection of different flowers such as Roses, Gerbera, Carnations, Chrysanth&nb..
12 Roses and Orchids
Aqua bouquet of 12 Roses and 3 stems of white/cream Orchids with foliage (not available for same day..
Exotic Extravaganza Aqua Handtied
Front facing aqua handtied bouquet with Heliconia, Bamboo, Ginger and Anthuriums with tropical folia..
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